About me

Welcome to Vagaboca!

My name is Simone and I’m the author of this blog. I am a curious and restless person, always looking for new adventures and new passions. In my life I have always tried to avoid boredom and monotony and for this reason I never stopped for a moment: I lived in Rome, Madrid, London, Amsterdam and nowadays (for now) I live in Barcelona.

The Erasmus was one of the turning points in my life, it opened my eyes, changed me as a person and gave an incredible desire to know the world. Thoreau, Terzani, Kerouac plus my restless character did the rest. Slowly the desperate desire to discover the world has grown inside of me and when you are infected by this wonderful disease it is impossible to recover.

Traveling makes me feel alive and makes me happy, it is the thing I love to do. This blog is the place where I want to share my passion, my stories, my photos and my adventures.

Every word or advice you will read is sincere and honest, the result of only the experiences I have had during the years of travel and life in the countries where I have been lucky enough to set foot.

I hope that what you read may be somehow useful or inspirational to continue doing the most beautiful thing in the world, traveling!